You know that you want to plan something special, but the arrangements are time-consuming and costly. You may feel like you lack the creativity to organise the most fabulous hens party for your best friend because the point is that she will only have one. The pressure runs high to collect food, refreshments, and drinks. What about music and entertainment? The truth is that after all your efforts, you can often feel depleted with no energy left to enjoy the party yourself. We noticed that this is a real predicament both men and women find themselves in, so we decided to step up and take the lead.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Cocktail Making Classes

With foods that make your taste buds explode and décor to match the mood, the only thing still missing is the drinks. We bring that little bit extra to make your event unforgettable. Allow us to offer you the following services:

  • Choose a waiter in uniform or a topless waiter, depending on your mood. Rules are there to be broken, and for those who dare draw the wild card and opt to throw the steamiest parties, we’ll have your private buff topless bartender ready to feast your eyes on.

  • We provide unique topless bartending services to teach you the fine specifics in our cocktail masterclass. Watch and learn, then sit back while enjoying a handpicked piece of eye candy just for you and the ladies.

  • Fear not. When your evening draws to a close, and your gorgeous waiter needs to return to the real world, you will have learned to make and create your own cocktails with unique twists that can be found nowhere else.

We are proud to offer an all-inclusive package that makes the organisation hassle-free and straightforward. One call and we take over the planning from beginning to end, giving you more time to enjoy and embrace the occasion with your friends.

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